Cheltenham Secondary College offers a comprehensive curriculum which values the diverse learning needs of our students while ensuring academic rigour across all subject areas.

Middle School

In Middle School (7 – 9) the curriculum is designed to support and challenge our young people as they learn and grow. We know that the transition from Primary to Secondary School can be a big leap for many students. All Year 7 students participate in Positive Education which introduces them to the positive behaviors required for self-management and which support their learning in other areas. In Year 8 we build on these skills in Learning Futures where Science and Humanities come together in an integrated manner. Year 9 students test themselves through the 9CCubed program.

The Middle School Curriculum fosters engagement and curiosity while developing the knowledge and skills to confidently enter the Senior School.

Senior School

In the Senior School (10 – 12) students choose from a diverse range of subjects to develop a pathway aligned with their passions, talents and career aspirations. Students are supported by a strong team of experienced and committed teachers.

The Senior School has explicit expectations that students and teachers aim for their personal best. We work together to ensure our students have every opportunity to achieve academically and feel well equipped to face the next stage of their lives.