Curriculum / VCE

Cheltenham has a strong record of growth and success with its final year students.

The wide range of subjects we offer at the senior level enables us to provide a course to suit the needs of all students. Each student has dedicated course and careers counselling to assist them in making the best possible choices for their future. The VCE teachers are a skilled and dedicated group who work closely with students so these young adults have every opportunity for success.

For a more detailed explanation of the subjects offered please refer to the course guide under Course Selection

Key Learning Areas

Accounting Information Technology: Applications
2017 Instructor John Melki-Wegner
Mathematics Core all year
Plus electives if desired
Science Core all year
Plus Science B if planning on continuing Chemistry or Physics in VCE
Plus Science C if planning on continuing Biology or Psychology in VCE
Health and PE Core all year
Plus electives if desired
Humanities Core study of Commerce for one semester
Compulsory elective of either History or Geography
Students can study both electives if desired
The Arts Students complete one or more electives
Technology Students complete one or more electives
Language (Italian) Students can choose one or more electives
If planning to continue Language (Italian)
students need to complete 2 units
VCE Capable students can commence their VCE in Year 10
by studying one VCE subject