Curriculum / Year 7

The Year 7 curriculum is designed to engage and support students in their transition to secondary education. They will study an exciting range of subjects taught by teachers experienced in helping students manage the changes of high school. All Year 7 students are formally taught learning skills in our Positive Education Program.

Key Learning Areas

English Core all year
Mathematics Core all year
Science Core all year
Humanities Core all year
One semester History
One semester Geography
Language (Italian) Core all year
Physical Education Core all year
Physical and Sport Education (PASE) One semester of PASE
One semester of Health
Visual Arts One semester of Art
Performing Arts One semester of Drama
One semester Music
Technology One semester of Textiles
Health One semester
Positive Education
A course which develops leadership and resilience while exploring
a range of learning skills. Students also look at e-smart strategies
and the responsible use of technology
One semester