Curriculum / Year 8

The Year 8 students build on the skills and confidence developed in Year 7. The curriculum offerings allow them to experience a broad range of subjects before elective choices need to be made for the following year. Year 8 classes work together in the Learning Futures Program focusing on Science, History and Geography. The program fosters team work, initiative and curiosity.

Key Learning Areas

English Core all year
Mathematics Core all year
Science Core all year
Learning Futures Classes work together in Science for the whole year,
History for one semester and Geography for one semester.
Topics covered include Communities, Body Systems, Work
and Money and a depth study of Medieval Times.
Language (Italian) Core all year
Physical Education Core all year
Physical and Sport Education (PASE) One semester of PASE
One semester of Health
Visual Arts One semester of Art
Performing Arts One semester of Drama
One semester Music
Technology One semester of Textiles
Health One semester of Home Economics
One semester of Materials