Enhancement Program

Cheltenham Secondary College caters for high achieving students through our successful Enhancement Program. Established in 2006, this program acknowledges that motivated and intellectually advanced students require greater depth and extension in their studies to develop their full potential. From Year 7, students in the Enhancement Class tackle more complex problem solving than their peers, working with experienced teachers who nurture their natural curiosity.

Programs for our high achievers are aimed at developing critical thinking and deeper analytical skills. Whether it be constructing a model of a house around the principles of sustainability or engaging in debate on ethical issues arising from literature studies, we believe that high achievers bring a range of skills to their studies. As students from the Enhancement Class progress through school they are ensured a pathway which allows greater opportunities for VCE subject selection. The Maths program is accelerated, meaning they are working one year ahead of their peers. As a result they complete four years of Maths in three years and are able to access a range of advanced Senior School options. Cheltenham Secondary College is the only school in the Southern Region able to offer University Maths. In all other subjects they are immersed in a learning rich environment which supports them to perform beyond their year level expectations.

Our 2015 Dux, Renata Galiamov began her journey towards a perfect ATAR of 99.95 in the Enhancement Class of 2010. Throughout her time at Cheltenham Secondary College she was active in sports and student leadership and in 2015 served as College Captain. Her experience at Cheltenham allowed her to flourish in many areas.

Students in the Enhancement Class have always worked through the curriculum alongside students from other classes but with opportunities to progress faster than their peers. Encouraging group cohesion and positive social behaviors is an important part of the learning that occurs. All students are encouraged to participate fully in the range of sporting, cultural and social activities which makes Cheltenham Secondary College a vibrant and happy learning community.

We warmly invite interested students in grade six to sit the General Achievement Test.

Applications are available on the college website or the General Office. The test will consist of 40 Maths questions, 40 reading questions and a writing task. Offers for Year 7 Enhancement Class placement will be made based on these results and Primary school recommendations.