Enrolment Information

Cheltenham Secondary College is an open and inclusive school that welcomes contact from the community with regards to potential enrolments. Whilst we have a zone of our own, we also have a shared zone with Sandringham Secondary College and Parkdale Secondary College. It’s important to note though that nearly 60% of our students come from outside of our exclusive zone, that is from the shared zone and beyond.

We have a number of feeder primary schools that we work with to ensure students make an effective transition to our College, they are:

  • Cheltenham East Primary School
  • Cheltenham Primary School
  • Southmoor Primary School
  • Kingston Heath Primary School
  • Dingley Primary School
  • Le Page Primary School
  • Kingswood Primary School
We are currently accepting out of zone enrolments.

Cheltenham Secondary has traditionally been subject to a geographical zone whereby some parents may have assumed their child did not meet eligibility to attend. For families seeking to do this it is necessary for the College to undertake enrolment procedures based upon Department of Education and Training policy and guidelines.

If you wish to have a tour of the college please call reception on +613 9555 5955. Tours are normally held at around 9:30am and take approximately an hour.

Please note: parents who live within the Cheltenham Secondary College zone do not need to complete this form, nor do parents who already have a child attending the college.

Enhancement and Enrichment Program

Cheltenham Secondary College offers an Enhancement Program for students seeking a greater academic challenge. Our school ethos of Health and Learning is represented in the learning opportunities we provide to high achieving students through our Enhancement & Enrichment Program. This program nurtures academic curiosity in its students by actively building higher order thinking and problem solving skills necessary for preparing students to be critical and adaptable thinkers in an ever changing and increasingly complex world.

Students are provided opportunities to enrich their learning by exploring their studies in a greater depth. The program aims to build academic rigour and foster a lifelong love of learning in our students that ensure they are well placed as they move into their VCE studies and beyond. Our 2015 Dux, Renata Galiamov began her journey towards a perfect ATAR of 99.95 in the Enhancement Class of 2010. Throughout her time at Cheltenham Secondary College she was active in sports and student leadership and in 2015 served as College Captain. Her experience at Cheltenham allowed her to flourish in many areas.

Students in the program are encouraged to participate fully in the range of sporting, cultural and social activities which makes Cheltenham Secondary College a vibrant and happy learning community.

Application Process

Students wishing to be considered for our enhancement class will need to complete an Expression of Interest form and attach a copy of Grade 5 Naplan results and the Grade 5 end of year report using the form below.

During Term 4, all Grade 6 students who will be attending Cheltenham Secondary College will sit a numeracy and literacy test. These results will be used in conjunction with Naplan results and Grade 5 end of year reports to inform the process of selection for the enhancement class.

To be part of the Cheltenham Secondary College Enhancement Class, ensure that you have placed Cheltenham SC as your first preference when choosing a school. Further details and dates for this will be sent to you when your child has been enrolled for Year 7.

Enquiries about this program can be made to Ms Helen Page (Assistant Principal) or Mr Gavin Ferrier at the College.

Enhancement Application  
Enhancement Application Form Apply Here

Year 7 Scholarships

The school is currently accepting applications for Year 7 scholarships

Applicants must be academically sound and of excellent all-round potential. They must be able to demonstrate the capacity to benefit from and contribute to the life of the college.

Scholarships will be tenable over Years 7 and 8 to the value of $1,200. They will take the form of a credit note to be used for expenses for Curriculum Materials and Services Charges, the Year 7 camp, musical instrumental tuition and hire of instruments, and books ($600 will be available for Year 7 expenses with $600 being available for Year 8 expenses). The continuation of the scholarship into Year 8 will depend upon a successful review at the end of Year 7. This review will be conducted by the Principal. Scholarships may be terminated by the Principal if the recipient’s conduct or progress are not satisfactory. Scholarship holders demonstrating successful progress will receive the credit note for the $600 for Year 8.


  1. Two Academic Scholarships
  2. Two College All-Rounder Scholarships
  3. Sports Achievement Scholarships
  4. Music Scholarship
The Principal may, at his discretion, decide not to award a scholarship if a satisfactory standard is not achieved.

Assessment will be based upon

  • Interview
  • The last two school reports
  • Specific individual criteria (dependent upon the type of scholarship) as addressed in the application and at interview.

Scholarship Application  
Scholarship Application Form Apply Here

Short listing will be based upon the application. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by mail.