Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Cheltenham Secondary College, a learning community built on sound foundations of high academic achievement and a strong community focus, with the courage and willingness to strive for a preferred future. At Cheltenham we are driven by the notion of achieving our ‘Personal Best’ in everything we do. This theme, alongside Respect, Responsibility and Sense of Community forms the set of College values which underpins all of our work. Our students are wonderful ambassadors for our College, well noted for their friendliness and warmth, the strong spirit of co-operation and mutual support which exists among them, and their willingness to “have a go” at the many opportunities they are offered both inside and outside the classroom. Our student leadership structure involves over 80 students in formal roles, and they all make an outstanding contribution to our school.

It is certainly an exciting time in education in Victoria. Traditional teaching approaches are being enriched by research which points out the most effective classroom strategies to bring about improvements in students’ learning outcomes, and learning skills to best equip our students for the world they will face, certainly much different from that faced by previous generations when they entered the workforce.

Our Middle School (Years 7 to 9) is thriving this year with the continuation of programs designed to challenge students. Our Year 7 students undertake an extensive transition program which begins well into their Grade 6 year and continues throughout their first year at the College. The Year 7 Learning Community is a precinct consisting of form rooms and a large staff area. Each form has its own Pastoral Care teacher who manages the day to day support of students. Students have most of their classes in the Year 7 area. Our enrichment program is now in its ninth year and students are relishing the extra challenge this program provides.

All students in Year 7 are formally taught learning skills in our Positive Education Program. Our Year 8 Learning Futures program was launched in 2007 and students enjoy the inquiry-based approach to learning in our Learning Futures Centre with teams of teachers. The Science Sustainability and C Cubed (Community, City, Challenge) programs at Year 9 have made a strong positive impact on student learning. Our Year 10 students are part of our Senior School structure with over half accessing VCE Unit 1 and 2 subjects or VET Programs. Study skills sessions for our VCE students have focussed on developing firm and achievable goals for 2016.

We are continuing an exciting period of sustained improvement at our college. The college has excellent facilities, including the administration area, Science precinct, Canteen, Senior School study area and Year 8 Learning Futures Centre. This year we will be commencing our $7 Million building program which will see the construction of the new VCE study centre, Arts precinct, Library and our new Years 7-9 class rooms. This will be the beginning of a re-imagined Cheltenham Secondary College.

That being said... whilst these facilities are greatly appreciated, schools do not achieve outstanding results for students via bricks and mortar alone - good schools do not become great schools by accident. They constantly reflect on their performance, and challenge themselves to improve in every aspect of their work. This is our aim, and we are empowering our teachers to lead the way. It is this belief in our staff, and our determination to continue to build their collective capacity, which will see Cheltenham go from strength to strength.

We have a dedicated and skilled teaching team at Cheltenham. The academic progress and well being of each and every student is of paramount importance to us, and it is our strong intention that no student “falls through the cracks”. We aim to challenge our students intellectually, support them in their learning, and provide a safe and happy environment for them at school.

We welcome visitors to our learning community, and look forward to you joining us for what we guarantee is an education full of challenge and opportunity.

Jason Bek